Blogging Insights 3.0 # 8 — Your Backstory


What is your Blogging Backstory? Why and how did you begin blogging?


I have shared my blogging backstory or history several times in previous posts, but I love to relate it. But for two events in my life, I might never have started blogging.

The first was a meeting with a wonderful lady who had just retired from a hectic job. I asked her if she was reading a lot of books now that she was free. She replied that she was listening to audiobooks on the Internet. This set me, a former technophobe, onto audiobooks YouTube audios and videos. It was on YouTube that I found out about blogs and blogging.

The second event happened when I started creative writing after a hiatus of twenty five years. I used to freelance for a prestigious daily all those years ago, so I was quite hopeful that my current work would be accepted too. When I approached a newspaper magazine editor, she implied that I was too old for them to publish my work. For the record, I had just turned fifty and was only a couple of years older than her. Undeterred, I submitted some pieces to an online publication that also turned them down.

If you are still reading this longish account, you will be happy to know that these two events prompted me to launch my own blog. It was the best thing I could have done for myself.

Older bloggers must have experiences to relate, as we oldies always have lots of stories. Younger bloggers must have some background too, even if it is short.

I would love to read your blogging backstory whether you are young or old, blogging veteran or blogging newbie.

29 thoughts on “Blogging Insights 3.0 # 8 — Your Backstory

  1. Interesting backstory, sorry to see no contributions, so I will add mine. I simply started a new hobby which was turning out to be difficult. I searched online for help and found little to none. Thus blogging became the avenue to vent frustration and air my mistakes in the hope someone would read my mistake and come up with a new one fo their own.

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      1. I learned to enjoy sports because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to talk to my husband for most of the year. Baseball is his passion, but when baseball ends, he moves seamlessly into basketball and football, though hockey and golf are not on his list. I’m flexible. Baseball was easy because I sort of liked it anyway and now that I understand it better, I enjoy it more. Not with the passion Garry has, but I can watch a game and know what’s going on. Football, not so much, but I’m pretty OK with basketball. After you realize sports is just another form of entertainment, it’s easier to enjoy.

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      2. Garry has always been impressed at how WELL I’ve learned baseball. I have. But I’m like that. I collect information and knowledge, pretty much on anything I find interesting. I don’t do what Garry does which is memorize all the teams, the players, who had what stats, etc. But I do learn the game, how it is played, how it has changed and its history. That’s sort of how I do almost everything.

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