5 Things that distract you from blogging (apart from work, family & housework)

For quite some time, I have not been blogging as much as I used to. I began the draft for this post way back in August 2022. That shows you how things have been with me blog – wise.

My List:

Instagram, Pinterest & Wordscapes

When I first launched my blog, WhatsApp and YouTube were the only ways that I used the Internet (apart from Google search). Once I made Instagram and Pinterest accounts, I found them to be very tempting rabbit holes to fall into. Naturally, this eats into my blogging time ĺ0l0l0l0lqqwhenever I succumb to the temptation.


In my life, writing/blogging takes a backseat when it comes to reading. A gripping psychological thriller or a comfortable cosy mystery can keep me from my blog if I get engrossed.

Movies and TV

My family is really into TV and movies. At times, I can blog on my phone as I watch. But there are times when I get so engrossed that I can’t do this.

Bad habits

Procrastination, self doubt , sheer laziness.


Births, deaths, and marriages.” If there are a lot of social obligations on a weekend, my blog suffers

Does anything get in the way of your blogging too? Do let the rest of us know.

14 thoughts on “5 Things that distract you from blogging (apart from work, family & housework)

  1. Hmm. Work would be at the top of my list … particularly since I’ve so much to do right now. Beyond that,I’d really just say my health or the health issues of family and if I start playing The Sims on my pc


  2. It took all afternoon, but I got it done. It will be up tomorrow morning. I probably could have re-titled this to, “What does NOT distract me” from blogging?” It would have been a lot shorter!



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