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One Liner Wednesday

” I just saw some idiot at the gym put a water bottle in the Pringles holder.:

I found this hilarious one – liner on Pinterest. Did you ever wonder how some people who go to the gym regularly never lose weight? Now you know the reason.

Written for One Liner Wednesday, a prompt created by Linda G. Hill.

13 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday

  1. Why are most cars automatics in NZ? Because it leaves one hand free to eat the pasty or hold the coffee (just an observation when I visited in 2010……. most drivers I saw were either eating or drinking coffee behind the wheel).

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  2. The idea that the end goal of exercise must be weight loss discourages people who don’t lose weight exercising from continuing with exercising. As it happens, exercise is beneficial whether or not weight loss occurs. A health at every size paradigm is healthier than one that shames larger people.

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