Blogging Insights 3.0 # 10

Today, we are back to thediscussion of quote format’ :


“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.

Cyril Connolly.


I like to post quotes like this, where you can argue both sides of the question. You can both agree and disagree with it depending on the context.

For personal bloggers, like most of our friends in this little corner of the blogosphere, writing for your self is the priority. You don’t have any editorial constraints (apart from the limits of decency). On your blog, you can express your ideas and your opinions however you like. If you build an audience/following along the way, so much the better. But if the only people reading your pieces are a couple of friends, that is okay too.

For professional writers/bloggers, I would have to disagree with the quote. Apart from editorial requirements, when you are writing to make a living, you have to keep the reader in mind. The requirements of the reader become the yardstick against which you measure your work.

Having said that, losing your “self” in the process is something you would have to judge for yourself in a particular situation. For example, if your readers want pulp fiction but you want to write good literature, you will have to decide whether to continue with the arrangement or not.

I have let my thoughts run away with me for longer than I usually do with these posts.

Now it’s your turn to let me know what you think of the quote.

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26 thoughts on “Blogging Insights 3.0 # 10

  1. If you are writing professionally, I get giving the people what they want. That is how you pay your mortgage. But I like being free to write whatever comes into my head, well written or not some days.

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  2. The assumptions seems to be that most writers are fiction authors or hobbyists. This is simply NOT true. Most of the working, professional writers in this world write NON fiction. They write what needs to be written by their company, for the news, information, instructions. Because yes, there’s life, the kids, the mortgage, the car payment and if your primary talent is writing and that’s what you want to do, you will do what earns you a living. It might not be romantic, but it’s not bad work either. I personally guarantee it won’t destroy your soul.

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    1. Thank you for speaking up for the practical, professional nonfiction writers. Without them, we would have no text books, instruction manuals or step by step guides on the Internet. They may seem unromantic but they are definitely not without “self”.



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