Salted Caramel is a blog about you and me. It is a blog about continually re-inventing yourself, change being the only constant, and forwards the best way to go.

I continuously struggle to become a better version of myself. Salted Caramel is where I share my struggles with you so that you and I can become even better versions of our already awesome selves.

I have always been a voracious reader, my appetite for books being rivalled only by my appetite for food. Ever since I learned to read, I have wanted to write. Although I could not make writing my career, it has always been my passion.

Blogging seems so empowering. You don’t have to toe an editor’s line. You don’t have to wait with bated breath to see if your contribution is published. You never have to experience the frustration of seeing your most effective lines being edited out from lack of space.

Let’s not get too serious; isn’t life serious enough? I try to keep the tone light-hearted, even when I tackle solemn topics.

This blog includes diverse topics, some salty and some sweet. Needless to say, “Salted Caramel” is my favourite flavour in ice cream and brownies.

Before I began this blog, I had been deliberating for a long time about my niche. I was finding it difficult to narrow things down since, like most people, I have many different interests., but I took heart from other bloggers with diverse interests.

My blog is going to keep evolving as I go along. I hope you will accompany me on this journey.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. This is the first time I read your article about yourself. It’s very good. I don’t think writing is hard but written on to please everyone is very difficult. So, I just wrote what I thought is right by telling the truth in life, non-fiction, even my life story.
    Dear Tanya, very nice to know you 🌹

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  2. It seems we have allot in common!
    I, too love books and writing. I am constantly looking for inspiration to further my growth and maintain good health. I am preparing to begin a meditation practice and have gained insight and answers to my questions, most of which are subconscious, just in the process and the intention to do is.
    Keep up the excellent posts. You’re on the right track!

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