gargoyle wwatching over city

50 Word Thursday # 16–The Gargoyle

Athena passed the gargoyle on her way home from her grandmothers every day. It seemed to watch over the city from its position of vantage. On the eve of the equinox, the city folk were fast asleep. At the stroke of midnight, sudden rustling sounds were heard. Soon, the sky was full of flying monsters. Vampires, ghouls and two headed bats swooped over the rooftops. … Continue reading 50 Word Thursday # 16–The Gargoyle

The Curio Shop 50 Word Thursday #15

 50 Word Thursday # 15   Hosted by Kristian The picture And the words: “Ah! The Wonder House! Can any enter?” – Kim by Rudyard Kipling   The Curio Shop Ah! The Wonder House ! Can any enter? Welcome to the curio shop ! Idols aplenty and statuettes galore: Josticks, incense containers and more A Ming vase, a jade Buddha, a copper urn, Mahogany figurines wait … Continue reading The Curio Shop 50 Word Thursday #15

Amateurs versus Police Officers in Detective Fiction

As an ardent fan of detective fiction, I have often wondered  how amateur detectives manage to outdo police officers every time., Have you noticed how private detectives, whether professional or amateurs, manage to stay one step ahead of local police? I first encountered this as a child, in Enid Blyton’s Five Find Outers mystery series. In these books, a group of five children manage to … Continue reading Amateurs versus Police Officers in Detective Fiction

The Elephant In the Room.

The salon was packed to the rafters. This was no surprise today, the beginning of the holiday season. Each new person who entered noticed a peculiar smell. Some attributed it to the lotions and potions being used for various treatments. Others thought it was simply the result of too many people in a closed room. As time passed, the smell grew intense. No one wanted … Continue reading The Elephant In the Room.

genre challenge 17 girl period costume

Genre Challenge Paranormal Romance

Great Aunt Penelope’s portrait was mounted on a wall in the Great Hall of the Manor. Jane and her fiance had driven up to visit Grandma at the Manor this weekend. Each time Jane passed through the Hall, she was somehow riveted by the portrait. It seemed to say something to her. Jane asked Grandma if she knew something about Penelope. Grandma narrated a story … Continue reading Genre Challenge Paranormal Romance

genre challenge # 14 heists capers arches

Genre Challenge # 14 : Heists and Capers

A Hold up In The Jazz Age The front of the eighteenth century building had a dozen arches brightly lit by as many lamps. Inside, a cavernous ballroom was lit equally bright, but boasted the modern decor of 1925. The Art Deco interior formed a fitting backdrop for this gathering of “bright young things “. Girls with shingled hair and waist length necklaces danced the … Continue reading Genre Challenge # 14 : Heists and Capers

school story

Genre Challenge # 11 : A School Story

A School Story Tom was really good at drawing but he found it very difficult to write essays and stories. His friend Robert , on the other hand, was so good at essays that the school masters would select his work to print in the school gazette. Robert, however, could not draw to save his life. The two friends often wished they could do each other’s … Continue reading Genre Challenge # 11 : A School Story

apple centre tiny workers

Genre Challenge # 7 — Humour

Theresa, The Haunted Wordsmith has been called Queen of Questions, but in my opinion she is also Queen of Challenges. She keeps creating new callenges for us to hone our writing skills. Do head over to her blog for challenges and to read her original work. You will enjoy it.   Pat and Mat Change an Apple Core Pat:This apple’s rotten. We need to replace … Continue reading Genre Challenge # 7 — Humour

genre challenge # 9 romance rose books

Genre Challenge # 9 — Romance

Welcome to the new Genre Challenge! This challenge is a bit different than everything else in that it has two rules: Response should use the photo prompt given Response should be in specified genre The purpose of this challenge is to push ourselves to dip our toes in other genres than we normally write in. The form of writing is up to you. It doesn’t … Continue reading Genre Challenge # 9 — Romance