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5 Traditional Celebration Foods

After a month’s absence, 5things Tuesday returns today with a fun topic. Today i ask you to list five of your favourite celebration foods. For me, this is quite topical as I have just celebrated Eid which is a big Muslim festival. It has a lot of yummy dishes associated with it so here goes: 1.(Sweet Vermicelli) After a month’s fasting for the holy month … Continue reading 5 Traditional Celebration Foods

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5 Fave Winter Holiday Snacks

The winter holidays are all about lazy mornings and evening parties. When the weather becomes inclement it’s better to stay in. Today I have asked you to name five snacks that you enjoy during the holiday season. Here are my favourites: Hot Beverages My favourite winter leisure activity is enjoying innumerable cups of tea while I read in an oversize cosy armchair or catch my … Continue reading 5 Fave Winter Holiday Snacks

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5 Fave Cupcakes & Muffins

The winter holidays are around the corner and its time for treats and goodies. This week, for 5 Things Tuesday I ask you to name your favourite muffins and cupcakes. I borrowed the idea for this post from Paula Light who said last week that she was thinking about doing a cupcake review. I love all kinds of cakes, cupcakes, muffins etc. Here are just … Continue reading 5 Fave Cupcakes & Muffins

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5 Quick Workday Breakfasts

Before the pandemic turned the world on its head, breakfast was a hurried meal. Some skipped it altogether while others had it on the go. Being a “brekfast person” I am unable to face my workday without a morning meal no matter how rushed. I have put together a list of five of my favourites: Overnight Oats This is the quickest breakfast ever since you … Continue reading 5 Quick Workday Breakfasts

5 Sunday Breakfasts

What is better than staying in bed on Sunday morning? A fancy breakfast of course. While many of us are in a rush on weekday morning s, Sunday is when there is time and inclination for a long leisurely breakfasts or brunches What are your favourites? Here are 5 of mine: Halwa puri Sausages and baked beans Cinnamon rolls and Danish pastries Fancy omelettes Scrambled … Continue reading 5 Sunday Breakfasts

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5 Desserts You Love With Your Coffee

Last week, on 5 Things Tuesday I asked you to name your favourite kinds of coffee. Today I want to follow up with fave desserts to go with your java. Here are 5 of mine: Salted caramel brownie Apple pie / Walnut pie a la mode Biscotti / Cookies Muffins Cake — All kinds Honourable Mention :Toasted naan bread Images courtesy Unsplash How about you? … Continue reading 5 Desserts You Love With Your Coffee

5 Things Tuesday — 5 Ways You Enjoy Apples

There are so many ways to enjoy apples. I remember an unusual one from my childhood. This was curry made with mutton and cooking apples. It was a salty and spicy dish with pieces of mutton and tender slices of apple in a thick gravy. You ate it with chapatti for lunch or dinner. It is so long ago that I had it that I … Continue reading 5 Things Tuesday — 5 Ways You Enjoy Apples

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5 Things Tuesday — 5 Italian Foods You Love

Italian cuisine is very much a part of the food scene worldwide. Pizza has the same universal appeal as cola drinks. There are so many other Italian foods that we all love even if we’ve never set foot in Italy. Today I ask you to list five of your favourites. Here are mine: Pizza Whether it is a simple margharita with just tomato paste and … Continue reading 5 Things Tuesday — 5 Italian Foods You Love

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5 Things Tuesday — Food Fads You Absolutely Hate

Every Tuesday, here on 5things , I ask you to tell us about 5 of your favourite things based on a theme. This week, instead of asking you to name things you love, I want you to list food fads trends that you hate. Here is my list : Avocado Articles on health, food, and healthy food are full of the virtues of this fruit. … Continue reading 5 Things Tuesday — Food Fads You Absolutely Hate