vegedeco salads 4 layered cakes

Mouthwatering Desserts ?

Look again. You still can’t tell can you? I know I couldn’t. I was really surprised and amazed to find that these scrumptious looking cakes are actually salads. They were first created by Mitsuki Moriyasu, a Japanese food stylist in 2015-2016. They took the world of food by storm. This particular kind of cake is now known as “vegedeco salad.” Mitsuki Moriyasu now has her … Continue reading Mouthwatering Desserts ?

Two whole oranges,one sliced orange and one orange flower


When you pick up an orange from a bowl of fruit, are you very mindful of what you are doing? Probably not; our general attitude towards food in this day and age is basically one of supply and demand. We feel hungry, we eat. Our body or mind craves comfort food, we supply it. Should this really be the state of affairs? Do people today … Continue reading MIND OVER MUNCH: 6 BENEFITS OF MINDFUL EATING

ice cream in cone and containers

An ice cream memory

I am seven years old, On holiday with my parents. Mother has to go shopping Father and I have time to kill. We go to an ice cream shop, Order a “tutti fruiti”  each. It comes in a tall glass With an equally long spoon. Scoops of ice cream Layered with strawberry jelly, And tinned fruit; Topped with whipped cream Drizzled with chocolate sauce, It … Continue reading An ice cream memory

bulletproof-butter-coffee- cup

Bullet Proof Coffee

Food Facts Bulletproof coffee is a drink that combines coffee, oil, and butter. It is a creamy coffee served warm and looks similar to a latte. The original recipe comes from Bulletproof health blog. Bulletproof coffee is a growing diet trend that combines coffee, oil, and butter as a substitute for breakfast. Promoters of the drink claim that it prevents hunger and provides lasting energy and … Continue reading Bullet Proof Coffee


Hummus is a dip that originated in middle eastern cuisine but has fitted seamlessly into western food culture. It is equally at home accompanying pita bread, nachos or crackers. Make it part of an informal dinner, buffet brunch or fancy dinner party and you have a nutritious yet appetising dish. Boiled and mashed chick peas are the basic ingredient of hummus. Tahini paste, made with … Continue reading Hummus—FoodFacts