the makeshift bakery cupcakes multicoloured

The Makeshift Bakery

The makeshift bakery, Stood by the carnival gate. Muffins, cookies and scones Baked fresh while you wait. Cupcakes light as air Frosted in rainbow colours. Cookies in shapes that made you laugh; Crocodiles, serpents, even a giraffe. People queued up as far as eyes could see To take these treats home for their tea.   Written for: Three Things Challenge PL 32 : rainbow, serpent, … Continue reading The Makeshift Bakery

two friends walking

What is missing ?

Two old timers Were reminiscing : “Nothing tastes the same Nobody cooks like mum used to. Songs, movies and shows, They are just not the same. The parties, the people, the gossip Everything has lost its sparkle. The world is a different place, It lacks something vital now.” As they chatted, they realized: The missing ingredient is youth.   Written for Word of the Day … Continue reading What is missing ?

genre challenge seascape

Genre Challenge #6 — Poetry

A Career Choice It began as a dare, A challenge from a friend. It turned into a passion, A dream career without end. Her first SCUBA dive, Changed her life beyond belief. She fell headlong in love, With the Great Barrier Reef. Starfish, seahorses, A sea urchin or two. Marine biology was the degree She wanted to do !   Note : I don’t know … Continue reading Genre Challenge #6 — Poetry

coloured pencils droplets

Oh Prompt Me Do : Creativity

Rory, at A Guy Called Bloke keeps coming up with creative new challenges for bloggers. This is part of a new series called Oh Prompt Me Do : Your canvas is blank – however you have paints, coloured pencils, digital stationery and mosaics to create your picture using words, images or music …. l would like to see a story from you using one of … Continue reading Oh Prompt Me Do : Creativity

our tendency to over commit woman juggling clocks

Our tendency for overcommitment

We have a tendency to overcommit, To pack as much as possible into every day. Planning a task for every moment, Our lives become overscheduled. Juggling family, work & community, Why do we forget our time is finite ? written for: Word of the Day Challenge — commit FOWC with Fandango — finite   You may also enjoy: 7 Little Stress Busters 5 Easy Ways … Continue reading Our tendency for overcommitment

the powe of the written word bookcase

The Power of the Written Word

The Power of the Written Word Picking up a book at random, Flipping casually through its pages, You are so riveted by a word or phrase, That you are compelled to read on. Such is the power of the written word. Written for In Other Words. 5 Lines or Less, challenge, In Other Words, whatever! In Other Words, random… Posted on February 20, 2019 Write a story … Continue reading The Power of the Written Word

i wish it were optional deciding between yes and no

How I wish it were optional……

How I wish it were optional, To get up in the morning, Or to get dressed and go to work To sit for tough exams Or to suffer boring people Or to visit the dentist Or stand in long queus Or get stuck in traffic jams. I wish all this were optional, Don’t you ?!   What are some things that you wish were optional? … Continue reading How I wish it were optional……

Time to write; Love and Hate [Creative Writing Prompt ]

Rachel Poli has given us this prompt for this week; Write a story based on the prompt above. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your post in the comments below and I’ll share it next week. Please be sure to link back to my blog so your readers know where you got the prompt! Happy Writing! If y ou want more, … Continue reading Time to write; Love and Hate [Creative Writing Prompt ]