ice cream in cone and containers

An ice cream memory

I am seven years old, On holiday with my parents. Mother has to go shopping Father and I have time to kill. We go to an ice cream shop, Order a “tutti fruiti”  each. It comes in a tall glass With an equally long spoon. Scoops of ice cream Layered with strawberry jelly, And tinned fruit; Topped with whipped cream Drizzled with chocolate sauce, It … Continue reading An ice cream memory

raindrops on window a rainy afternoon

A Rainy Afternoon

A gentle breeze, Gathers the clouds: Fluffy and white, Against the blue sky. Gusts of wind’ Gather more clouds. Turning the sky leaden, As a drizzle begins. I sit in my window’ Watching it rain. With a cup of tea And my favourite book. What began as a drizzle, Becomes a heavy downpour. Soon it stops raining, The sun comes out. Painting a rainbow, Across … Continue reading A Rainy Afternoon

50 Word Thursday #14, A Million Reasons To Smile

50 Word Thursday 4th April 2019 Image by John Collins from Pixabay “Why are you smiling?” River Dixon, Beyond the Field A Million Reasons To Smile Why are you smiling? Because it’s a new day. Spring is in the air and Flowers are everywhere. Smiling makes you feel good, Even when life is not so good. A cheerful face is always welcome : It can … Continue reading 50 Word Thursday #14, A Million Reasons To Smile

Don’t you wish you were three ?

  Little hands with pudgy fingers Having fun with playdoh. Squashing, squeezing, Patting, rolling. Modelling things in playgroup, Or making unusual new stuff. A bright pink snake. A blue elephant without legs. Strawberries good enough to eat, Make believe food with a made up name. Going home with Mom. Tired from all the fun. Now helping Mom in the kitchen. Rolling out real cookie dough. … Continue reading Don’t you wish you were three ?

the makeshift bakery cupcakes multicoloured

The Makeshift Bakery

The makeshift bakery, Stood by the carnival gate. Muffins, cookies and scones Baked fresh while you wait. Cupcakes light as air Frosted in rainbow colours. Cookies in shapes that made you laugh; Crocodiles, serpents, even a giraffe. People queued up as far as eyes could see To take these treats home for their tea.   Written for: Three Things Challenge PL 32 : rainbow, serpent, … Continue reading The Makeshift Bakery

two friends walking

What is missing ?

Two old timers Were reminiscing : “Nothing tastes the same Nobody cooks like mum used to. Songs, movies and shows, They are just not the same. The parties, the people, the gossip Everything has lost its sparkle. The world is a different place, It lacks something vital now.” As they chatted, they realized: The missing ingredient is youth.   Written for Word of the Day … Continue reading What is missing ?