Sunday Poser # 98

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser Sadje is back with another interesting question: What does it mean to live boldly? A person who lives boldly: 1. Has original ideas and opinions, 2. Is unafraid to voice those ideas and opinions, 3. Can take a stand to protect beliefs and principles, 4. Does not fear ridicule,criticism or animosity, 5. Is unwilling to compromise. Continue reading Sunday Poser # 98

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5 Things Taken For Granted

I try to keep the mood light for 5ThingsTuesday but sometimes the prompt takes a turn for the serious. Today I ask you to list 5 things that you sometimes (or always) take for granted. Here is my list : Myself My health Running hot & cold water The Planet The fact that both my parents were bi-lingual so that I’m fluent in two languages … Continue reading 5 Things Taken For Granted

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5 Little Things That Cause Big Time Annoyance

One of the things that I love best about blogging is that I can say whatever I want unafraid of being judged. I am lucky to have a very supportive and courteous group of people in my blogging community. Hence I can rant away to my heart’s desire. Often, for 5ThingsTuesday, I enumerate some of my favourite things and ask you to share yours’. Today … Continue reading 5 Little Things That Cause Big Time Annoyance

FPQ # 154 — Stress Relief

Fandango asks: What do you do to reduce or relieve stress in your life? You might have experienced that you can weather major crises with great patience and forbearance but sometimes a little thing can make you blow your top. Maybe one reason for this is that we pull out all our reserves of tolerance and courage for the big problems but don’t care to … Continue reading FPQ # 154 — Stress Relief

5 “Skills” You Have “Lost” In The Pandemic

Life as we knew it changed a great deal with the pandemic. We humans, being an adaptable species, changed with it. Certain behaviours were reinforced while others were lost. For 5things Tuesday let us enumerate things we no longer do or do less frequently. Wearing “proper” shoes. With the lockdowns and work from home, most people have spent the past two years in their “house … Continue reading 5 “Skills” You Have “Lost” In The Pandemic

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5 Things to Repeat to Yourself in 2022

The pandemic has given us plenty of time for self audit and reflection. I have realised that there are some things that I need to keep telling myself : I do enough. I don’t need to be more productive. If I do more than usual I deserve a treat. My needs, desires, likes and dislikes are important. I need to stop putting everyone else before … Continue reading 5 Things to Repeat to Yourself in 2022

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5 Things You Don’t Want To See In 2022

“Dreams are nothing more than wishes And a wish is just a dream you wish to come true. ” These lyrics are from my favourite movie, You’ve Got Mail. Today I ask you to name 5 things that you wish would disappear from the world in 2022. Here’s my list : COVID-19 Pollution Energy crisis Racism Toxic people, or at least, their toxicity. How about … Continue reading 5 Things You Don’t Want To See In 2022