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5 “Cheat Day” Foods

5 Things Tuesday In current times, the concept of a Chrat Day has become quite popular among dieters. They “eat clean” six days a week and then eat their favourite high calorie “forbidden ” food on the seventh. I personally do not like this idea very much. It is far more enjoyable to have a little of what you fancy when you want rather than … Continue reading 5 “Cheat Day” Foods

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Blogging Insights — New Format # 40 — Blogging vs Writing

TODAY’S QUOTE “Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.” Andrew Sullivan MY THOUGHTS Having been extremely sedentary all my liffe, I wouldn’t know the first thing about extreme sports or athletics. I can’t make any comparisons or draw any parallels there. Free form, yes; your blog … Continue reading Blogging Insights — New Format # 40 — Blogging vs Writing

five strawberries

5 Fave Healthy Foods

5 things Tuesday The Internet is full of advice about what food is healthy and what food will rot our teeth and our brains. In an attempt to live longer healthier lives and to avoid falling prey to pandemics you might be trying to eat healthier. Health foods or healthy foods do not always have to be the less tasty option. Thankfully there ae several … Continue reading 5 Fave Healthy Foods

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Blogging Insights — New Format # 39 — Words

TODAY’S QUOTE: ” I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and look at it , until it begins to shine.” Emily Dickinson. MY THOUGHTS I chose this quote as a challenge since I cannot seem to relate to it, having never chosen my words with any particular care.My words are generally meant to convey … Continue reading Blogging Insights — New Format # 39 — Words


What two totally normal things become really weird if you do them back to back?  A full meal followed by a car ride on a mountain road. Trust me, you would feel really weird. What is something that you just recently realized that you are embarrassed by, that you didn’t realize embarrassed you?   This is a story that my husband loves to tell. We were … Continue reading SHARE YOUR WORLD 5-09-2022

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5 Traditional Celebration Foods

After a month’s absence, 5things Tuesday returns today with a fun topic. Today i ask you to list five of your favourite celebration foods. For me, this is quite topical as I have just celebrated Eid which is a big Muslim festival. It has a lot of yummy dishes associated with it so here goes: 1.(Sweet Vermicelli) After a month’s fasting for the holy month … Continue reading 5 Traditional Celebration Foods

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Blogging Insights — New Format#38 — experience

TODAY’S QUOTE; “In order to write about life first you must live it.” Ernest Hemingway MY THOUGHTS: Many people write about their experiences and this makes for very interesting reading both in fiction and in non fiction. Yet the “must” portion of the above quote does not follow. Writers can and do use their imaginations to create alternate realities that have nothing to do with … Continue reading Blogging Insights — New Format#38 — experience

Lament Of A Tree —- What do you see # 133- May 9, 2022

Does this picture inspire you to write something? People of earth,, what do you give me? Polluted air to breathe and hardly any water to drink. How can I give you fruit and shade? When will you understand, By stifling me you will ultimately stifle yourself. Written for What do you see # 133- May 9, 2022 a prompt created by Sadje of KeepItAlive. Continue reading Lament Of A Tree —- What do you see # 133- May 9, 2022

Blogging Insights — Interaction

Blogging Insights returns today after a month’s hiatus. I posted almost daily for theA to Z Blogging Challenge 2022 last month and couldn’t keep up with my prompts. So here goes : TODAY’S QUOTE “I believe the term “blog” means more than an online journal. I believe a blog is a conversation. People go to blogs to read AND write, not just consume.” – Michael … Continue reading Blogging Insights — Interaction

“D” is for Denouement — A to Z Blogging Challenge 2022

“Denouement” — long word, isn’t it? I learned it fairly recently. denouement /deɪˈnuːmɒ̃/ Learn to pronounce noun the final part of a play, film, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved. The end of a Hercule Poirot story invariably shows you this scene : A circle of chairs is arranged in a large room. … Continue reading “D” is for Denouement — A to Z Blogging Challenge 2022