Death–A recurring motif in Agatha Christie’s novels.

Agatha Christie is one of the most popular English novelists. Her books have been translated in many languages. Her stories and plays have been adapted for stage, film, radio and TV. Small wonder then, that her popularity remains of  epic proportions. She deals primarily with “death” in the form of murder mysteries. Her two famous characters Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot solve crimes by viewing … Continue reading Death–A recurring motif in Agatha Christie’s novels.


3.2.1 quote me! Knowledge!

Carol Anne, from Therapy Bits nominated me for this challenge. Thank You, Carol Anne.   My Quotes Knowledge is a treasure which follows its owner everywhere.     Knowledge opens the door to opportunity, achievement, success and wealth.   I nominate these three wonderful bloggers to continue this challenge: Beckie’s Mental Mess Ellen Jacobson Renard’s World Continue reading 3.2.1 quote me! Knowledge!


One Liner Wednesday June 19th 2019

Today’s one liner: Outer Order = Inner Calm This short line was the title of a book that I saw as I passed by a book store. I did not have time to stop and browse through the book but these four words stayed with me. This short sentence speaks volumes about the importance of being organised. Not being a very “orderly” person by nature, … Continue reading One Liner Wednesday June 19th 2019

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If you could insert one idea into everyone’s mind on this planet, which idea would you insert?

  This question has been posed by Bogdan DM of the blog Pointless Overthinking. Do check out this blog. You will find lots of food for thought. Inserting an idea into the mind of other people sounds like the stuff that science fiction movies are made of. The implantation of an idea into a person’s mind can be done by hypnosis if you want to … Continue reading If you could insert one idea into everyone’s mind on this planet, which idea would you insert?

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Fibbing Friday – June 14

It’s FRIDAY! That means it’s time for another round of fibbing. What are the best fibs you can create to answer these questions:   1.Who was the first person to sail around the world? A confused sailor who lost his way.   2.Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids? The Egyptians didn’t build the pyramids. Aliens put them on earth   3.What is Ursa Major? … Continue reading Fibbing Friday – June 14

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“Social” — Random Rant

Growing up, I believed social had to do with being sociable. A social person was one who was friendly and outgoing, fond of entertaining and being entertained. During school, social became part of social studies. This was a class where we learned the history and geography of our surroundings together with tradition and cultural practices. Then came Social Work a term used for charity work … Continue reading “Social” — Random Rant

“Malady of Choice” FPQ#27

“If you could choose one — and only one — particular malady, condition, or disease for which a safe and effective treatment was available, what one condition would you choose to treat and why is that your choice?” Stress is a modern malady from which innumerable diseases sprout. Diseases of the heart, digestive system, bones, joints, muscles, nervous system, eyes and ears : you name … Continue reading “Malady of Choice” FPQ#27

Continue reading “Malady of Choice” FPQ#27