SoCS Oct 5: Fantastic News

Here’s your prompt for this week: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-tast-.” Find a word that contains “tast” and use it in your post. Enjoy! “Fantastic news ! A drug that cures every cancer. A vaccine against every infection. World peace forever. No more overpopulation or poverty. Natural disasters averted forever. The environment protected for evermore. Don’t you wish these were … Continue reading SoCS Oct 5: Fantastic News

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A Mouse in the House

I was greatly amused to see in the news that a mouse had fallen from the ceiling in the White House. I quote from The Independent: “Reporters got a surprise when a mouse fell from the ceiling at the White House. The rodent fell onto the lap of NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander yesterday morning, before eventually seeking refuge amid a tangle of wires behind a shelf. Some reporters … Continue reading A Mouse in the House

The Daily Four

Yet another round of intriguing questions posed by  Rory ( A Guy Called Bloke). What would make us more non disposable humans? What is a disposable human? If it is a finite being, then leaving behind a masterpiece like a great work of art, literature or science would make us “less disposable” How much is a human being worth? A human being’s true worth is immeasurable. … Continue reading The Daily Four


A not so pleasant surprise!

“Hurry up, you lot,’said Oscar, the maitre d’ hotel to the chef and his assistants. “Monsieur Jaques will be here in two shakes of a lamb’s tail and you are not ready.” “Do not worry monsieur. The chicken roulade you ordered is ready. So is the salad and the mousse,”reassured the chef, “I will make the sauce for the roulade once the guest is seated. … Continue reading A not so pleasant surprise!


Image by Monika Schmidt from Pixabay “They brought me in to catch a rat; imagine that! I have never felt so berated, insulted,humiliated. Catch pests? What, me? I would never even hurt a flea. I am only used to packaged cat food:wholesome, nutritious, delicious !” Written for : In Other Words RULES: Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less Use the picture … Continue reading “Delicious”

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F P Q #43 Nature VS Nurture

What do you believe, when it comes to people’s traits and personalities? Are they primarily formed and shaped by nature or by nurture, as defined above? What about your personality? Nature or nurture? Please elaborate. The debate of whether nature or nurture determines the outcome or final result of a person’s trait or characteristics is a very old one. This issue has been analysed by … Continue reading F P Q #43 Nature VS Nurture

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One Liner Wednesday Oct.2.19

“Failing to plan means planning to fail” I am not really sure who this quote belongs to originally but I am sure that it must be the motto of most successful people. A plan or schedule saves so much time because you don’t have to think of where to start and what to do next.This way a schedule saves you from procrastination.It also keeps you … Continue reading One Liner Wednesday Oct.2.19


To the Internet with Love –SoCS 9.28.19

I have often wondered What life was like before the Internet ? How did we live without our daily contact With friends halfway across the world Chatting with them about politics or current affairs Or what to make for dinner tonight. How did we vent our peeves and opinions When there was no social media. How much time and effort did we take to visit … Continue reading To the Internet with Love –SoCS 9.28.19