getting to know you

Getting to Know You

Kristian from Tales from the mind of Kristian has tagged me for this challenge The “Getting to Know You” Challenge Here are the rules: The “Getting to know you” challenge. Just copy and paste the rules and the questions listed below and tag at least two people to take the challenge. Use the “Getting to Know You” pic and pingback to this post. Easy! The Questions: … Continue reading Getting to Know You

Fandango's Provocative Question

FPQ #12 — Embellishment or Lying?

Fandango of This, That & The Other posts a weekly question on an issue that requires discussion and debate. You can check this out here:Fandango’s Provocative Question This week’s question is: “How do you feel about people who always seem to exaggerate when relating a story? Do you equate embellishment with lying? As a blogger, when, if ever, is stretching the truth, other than when … Continue reading FPQ #12 — Embellishment or Lying?


3 T C 2019 #24

Today there was tension on the factory floor. Usually it was a friendly place, with forty young girls working on their sewing machines and chattering incessantly. But today no one felt like gossiping. Their supervisor Miss Chang, was a middle aged lady, who ruled them firmly but fairly. Her philosophy was maintaining a relaxed family atmosphere in the workplace, while ensuring maximum efficiency. But today … Continue reading 3 T C 2019 #24

plants balcony

The Garden on the Balcony

It was Tuesday evening, Dr. Elizabeth Strange was just back from the laboratory. Instinctively, she turned on the lights and then turned on some music. The apartment was filled with the melodious tones of Chamber music. Elizabeth worked as a genetic engineering research consultant. Her calling was a noble one, but involved long hours and high levels of alertness and accuracy. Her home, particularly her … Continue reading The Garden on the Balcony