Is It Time To Mask Up Or?

As part of his 24 hour Blog Question Directory, Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, asks us two very practical questions: 1.Are you currently wearing face masks when you go out into public wherever you are in the world? In my part of the world, Pakistan, it is mandatory to wear masks in public places, offices and shops. All public places like banks and all businesses … Continue reading Is It Time To Mask Up Or?

bouquet of tulips

Compliments–Thank You For Being You!

“If you had to visualise what a compliment actually looked like in a physical and solid form what shape would that compliment take in your eyes?” A compliment is something beautiful and exquisite. It is something so lovely that it fills you with joy. So if it were to have a physical form it would be something beautiful and enjoyable. Here are a few suggestions: … Continue reading Compliments–Thank You For Being You!