The Elephant In the Room.

The salon was packed to the rafters. This was no surprise today, the beginning of the holiday season. Each new person who entered noticed a peculiar smell. Some attributed it to the lotions and potions being used for various treatments. Others thought it was simply the result of too many people in a closed room. As time passed, the smell grew intense. No one wanted … Continue reading The Elephant In the Room.

three things challenge

3 TC : “No rest for the wicked”

It had been a terrible week at the office. In fact, just as terrible as all of Tom’s work weeks. The money was good but the hours were long. Tom had become a robot or automaton. Five days a week he followed the same routine. In theory he had weekends off but he usually had to bring work home on the weekends. But this weekend … Continue reading 3 TC : “No rest for the wicked”

three things challenge

3TC: A fashionista steps out.

An expensively simple tee shirt, Fashionably ripped tight jeans, A leopard print handbaag, High heeled shoes to match. Wraparound designer sunglasses, Severely  flat ironed hair. Some say it’s a scream for attention, I think it is a component of self expression. Some express themselves with what they write or say, Others, with what they wear !   Written in response to; 3TC PL#8 Today’s prompt: … Continue reading 3TC: A fashionista steps out.

the desire for comfort food apple pie a la mode

The Desire for Comfort Food

A desire for comfort food, Plagues us in times of stress. In tacit agreement with our emotional chemistry, Our body makes us crave familiar treats.. Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream, Chicken baked in a rich creamy sauce. Favourite flavours and aromas comfort us like a warm blanket, Or bring joy like a surprise package in the mailbox .   Written for FOWC with … Continue reading The Desire for Comfort Food

Lisa Tells A Story

Lisa was a little girl with a fertile imagination. She loved to create stories about fairy creatures. Pixie, gnomes, fairies and elves all featured prominently in the tales she spun. Lisa told these stories to her younger siblings and cousins. She tried telling them to her classmates but they were not interested; they just wanted to talk about PlayStation and X box. Once Lisa wrote … Continue reading Lisa Tells A Story

plants balcony

The Garden on the Balcony

It was Tuesday evening, Dr. Elizabeth Strange was just back from the laboratory. Instinctively, she turned on the lights and then turned on some music. The apartment was filled with the melodious tones of Chamber music. Elizabeth worked as a genetic engineering research consultant. Her calling was a noble one, but involved long hours and high levels of alertness and accuracy. Her home, particularly her … Continue reading The Garden on the Balcony