5 Ways You Enjoy French Bread

Croissants, quiche, onion soup, Bechamel ; there are so many French foods popular worldwide. The baguette is a long and thin loaf that is epitomised as French bread. French bread can be enjoyed many different ways. Today I ask you how you like it. Here’s how I like my French bread : Garlic Bread Cheesy Bread Bruschetta With olive oil and balsamic vinegar With hummus … Continue reading 5 Ways You Enjoy French Bread

5 Little Irritants

So many things about life and the world in general annoy you at any given moment. The post-pandemic economy, the Russia-Ukraine war, the effects of climate change ; all these things cause you encumbrance directly or indirectly. Yet it is the little tannoyances that you often find more irksome. Here is my list of ‘minor’ irritants that annoy me big time: 1. Loud conversations. Being … Continue reading 5 Little Irritants

5 Most Annoying Cliches

“The word “cliché” was originally French for the sound of a printing plate, which prints the same thing over and over. ” (literaryterms.net) A cliché is a phrase, sentence or image that has been used again and again. It is often repeated ad nauseum so that it becomes annoying. Today I ask you to list the ones you find most annoying. Here’s my contribution: 1. Let’s … Continue reading 5 Most Annoying Cliches

5 Un-put-down-able Books

Who doesn’t love a good thrller? They’re not as ‘comforting’ as cozy mysteries but far more exciting. Here are 5 of my favourites: 1.The Testaments by Margaret Atwood 2. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood 3. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series by Stieg Larrson 4. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown 5. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides Note : The two Margaret … Continue reading 5 Un-put-down-able Books

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5 Features of an Ideal Bookstore

Most of are blogging community are avid readers. Although many people buy their books online now or don’t visit bookstores for fear of Covid , everyone can remember what fun they used to be . Today I ask you to imagine: your ideal bookstore and 5 awesome features you would like it to have Here’s my list : 1. An unlimited exchange policy. 2. A … Continue reading 5 Features of an Ideal Bookstore

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5 Books You Would Like to See Made Into Movies

We have been on the subject of movie adaptations of books for the past two Tuesdays. I thought why not extend the discussion and add a wishlist. You might be interested to know that Liberty Books, a bookstore in Lahore (my hometown) has a separate rack for books that have been made into movies. Here’s my list of 5 Books I would love to see … Continue reading 5 Books You Would Like to See Made Into Movies

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5 Most Hated Movie Adaptations

Last week we listed favourite movie adaptations and Paula of Light Motifs II asked me to organise a round up of 5 Most Hated Movie Adaptations Here’s a list of the 5 I hate most : 1. Persuasion — Netflix This has to be one of the worst (if not THE WORST) adaptations of Jane Austen’s novel that I have ever come across. The novel’s … Continue reading 5 Most Hated Movie Adaptations