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Blogging Insights–Planning or Pantzing ?

TODAY’S QUESTION Do you outline your posts (planning) or do you just go ahead by the seat of your pants (pantzing) ? MY ANSWER I think most people (myself included) would say that they use a combination of both methods. Whether I use planning or pantzing depends on many things : my mood, time, topic. Sometimes I use both for the same post. When I … Continue reading Blogging Insights–Planning or Pantzing ?

5 Things — 5 Favourite French Fries

Everyone loves French fries. They are most people’s favourite way to enjoy potatoes. Today I ask you to name five favourite kinds of French fries. You could name the brands/ chains that you love or you could list the toppings you adore — play it your way. Here are my top five : Old Fashioned These are the homemade kind that I grew up with. … Continue reading 5 Things — 5 Favourite French Fries

5 Favourite Cold Remedies

Most people in the northern hemisphere have at least two months of winter ahead of them. Some even have four to five. Scratchy throats and sniffles are to be expected these days. Today I ask you to share 5 of your home / kitchen remedies for these symptoms. You can find some of mine by clicking here. Continue reading 5 Favourite Cold Remedies

5 New Year’s Resolutions I Often Make But Seldom Keep

I will exercise regularly. In previous years, this resolution was out the door almost as soon as it was made. Last year, I managed to hold on to it for nearly the whole year with fits and starts. One reason was that I was staying at home more due to COVID-19. But mainly it was because I set the bar very low : twenty minute … Continue reading 5 New Year’s Resolutions I Often Make But Seldom Keep

5 Movies / Shows You Enjoyed In 2020

In this pandemic year, we have watched more movies and shows than we ever intended. I can’t say if we watched more than was good for us since it helped pass some very stressful time. Although I re-watched lots of old favourites, in today’s list I am only including titles that I saw in 2020. The Crown — season 4 When I was little, I … Continue reading 5 Movies / Shows You Enjoyed In 2020