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5 “Cheat Day” Foods

5 Things Tuesday In current times, the concept of a Chrat Day has become quite popular among dieters. They “eat clean” six days a week and then eat their favourite high calorie “forbidden ” food on the seventh. I personally do not like this idea very much. It is far more enjoyable to have a little of what you fancy when you want rather than … Continue reading 5 “Cheat Day” Foods


With due apology to all dieters:

Diet is a four letter word That invariably spells trouble. When I see a dieter coming I am quick to take flight, Before I am forced To hear the virtues Of the Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, The Paleo Diet, Or the Keto Diet. Diets galore and Diets ad nauseum. When the simplest solution Is to eat less and exercise more.   Written for … Continue reading With due apology to all dieters:

Food Facts — A to Z: D is for Diet

Diet Motivation  No food tastes as good as it feels to : 1. have energy when I get up in the morning . 2. Enjoy a more active life doing the activities I enjoy. 3. Get a better health report at the doctor’s office. 4. Be able to fit into some favourite old clothes (or new). 5. Enjoy living a longer, healthier life and being … Continue reading Food Facts — A to Z: D is for Diet