Hummus is a dip that originated in middle eastern cuisine but has fitted seamlessly into western food culture. It is equally at home accompanying pita bread, nachos or crackers. Make it part of an informal dinner, buffet brunch or fancy dinner party and you have a nutritious yet appetising dish. Boiled and mashed chick peas are the basic ingredient of hummus. Tahini paste, made with … Continue reading Hummus—FoodFacts

sushi varieties

FoodFacts A to Z: S is for Sushi

  The fine art of preparing sushi is something that you watch and learn. Nobu Matsuhisa   Facts about Sushi While it is true that sushi can be a healthy meal and low cal option, there are heavy differences in many of the types and styles of sushi you can indulge in. Having a calorie counter nearby can be a great help when it … Continue reading FoodFacts A to Z: S is for Sushi