Share Your World 6-29-2020 — sparksfromacombustiblemind

Questions: Must we have evidence to know the truth? Logically, evidence is a prerequisite to truth. But there are some things that defy logic, like faith or a gut feeling. How much control does a person have over their life? I think this varies from person to person. Some people are buffeted by circumstances like a straw in the wind. Others would circumstances to suit … Continue reading Share Your World 6-29-2020 — sparksfromacombustiblemind

Just Seven Things….

Just Seven Things? Can you list ‘just seven things’ that make you happy – whatever your definition of happy is – can you list just seven things that bring a joy into your life or an energy or even a sustainable synergy that when combined award you – your variation of happiness? Why do… Can you list ‘just seven things’ that make you happy – … Continue reading Just Seven Things….

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A to Z Blogging Challenge 2020 “H” is for “Happiness”

Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances. Benjamin Franklin   Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. Albus Dumbledore       Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. Denis … Continue reading A to Z Blogging Challenge 2020 “H” is for “Happiness”

The Secret of True Happiness

We spend our lives wishing for more, More money, more things, more experiences, more friends, But this is not the path to true happiness. Happiness is not having what you want, But wanting what you have. This is written for the Friday Five Lines or Less prompt from Patricia’s Place. The idea is to write a story or poem of five lines or less. This week’s word is “wishing.” Continue reading The Secret of True Happiness

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Perfection is an Illusion

Perfection is an illusion That everyone wants to attain. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; That elusive four leaved clover. If perfection is physical beauty, If it is material wealth or social success, Then it is indeed an illusion The dream you’re always chasing. For beauty can fade with age or illness, Material wealth can be squandered, A scandal splashed across … Continue reading Perfection is an Illusion