Blogging Insights — Reading Inspo

I was going to call today’s episode Book Inspo but soon remembered that many of you now read on electronic devices. This is the fourth and final part of the inspiration series. TODAY’S QUESTION Does what you read influence or inspire what you write? MY ANSWER I like to think that whatever I write is inspired by or is based on all that I have … Continue reading Blogging Insights — Reading Inspo

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Blogging Insights — Blogosphere Inspo

TODAY ‘S QUESTION Is the blogosphere a source of writing inspiration for you? How? MY ANSWER The blogosphere is a great source of writing inspiration for me : WordPress Reader The reader exposes me to lots of new facts and ideas. Sometimes just scrolling through it can give me new ideas. Blogger Friends I have made many good friends in the blogging world. I interact … Continue reading Blogging Insights — Blogosphere Inspo