alphabet blocks

30. Sounds of the alphabet

Sounds of the alphabet are so confusing, Words beginning with ‘C’ don’t sound the same as those that begin with ‘S’ ‘G’ and ‘J’ often have the same sound so how does one tell them apart? Then again, ‘C’ often produces the same sound as ‘K’ No wonder little ones have such a hard time.   written for : July writing prompts 2020. Photo credit: … Continue reading 30. Sounds of the alphabet

29. Chickens and Chocolate

Ludicrous associations make for humour in prose as well as poetry. Today’s prompt “Chickens and chocolate” couples two seemingly unrelated things. It reminds me of Lewis Carroll’s poem, The Walrus and the Carpenter. Here is my favourite verse:   “The time has come,’ the Walrus said,       To talk of many things: Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —       Of cabbages — and kings … Continue reading 29. Chickens and Chocolate

grey clouds green meadow

28. The way things used to be.

It is common practice to yearn for what has gone before and is no more. We seem to be indulging in this much more since the pandemic and lockdown etc. The blogosphere abounds with posts (mine included) yearning for the way things were before COVID-19. Although we have truly lost many things that we took for granted, the pandemic is not the first time that … Continue reading 28. The way things used to be.

decision making cartoon

23.Mind in the making.

The New Blogger’s DilemmaI have just launched a blog, There are so many decisions: What theme to use? Which niche to choose? What other blogs to peruse? My mind is in the making,And I don’t know what to do.  Written for July Writing Prompt 2020 Photo credit: image credit: Google Continue reading 23.Mind in the making.

22. The kiss that said it all.

This picture shows a soldier kissing a pet dog. It seems like a re-union between owner and pet. I thought it was a very appropriate picture for today’s prompt.  Written for July Writing Prompt 2020 Photo credit: Featured image credit: Continue reading 22. The kiss that said it all.

juggling lady

20. Two hands are all I’ve got !

The Working Mom’s DilemmaGetting the kids’ breakfast Bundling them into uniforms and backpacks Battling rush hour traffic Then driving to work myself. Career, housework, kids, How do I juggle with everything? Two hands are all I’ve got ! Written for July Writing Prompts 2020 Photo credit:  Featured image courtesy Unsplash Continue reading 20. Two hands are all I’ve got !