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17. If only there were more

If only there were more patience There would be less stress. If only there were more tolerance There would be less strife. If only there were more sharing There would be less hunger. If only people thought others were like them too The world would be a better place. Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/plantain-leaved-leopard-s-bane-flower-3414889/via June 2020 Writing Prompts Continue reading 17. If only there were more

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Fictional failures

Many a time I have tried my hand at fiction writing but I have always felt that my efforts turned into “fictional failures”. When I read for pleasure, it is always fiction. It is very surprising therefore that I prefer non-fiction when it comes to writing. I like to write lifestyle and motivational type of articles. Food writing (not recipes) is also something that I … Continue reading Fictional failures

A torrential time

The monsoons are torrential rains that occur every July and August in my part of the world. I guess you could call this a “torrential” time of the year for us. It can rain very heavily and sometimes without interruption for days on end. As you can imagine, this has some undesired consequences. Rivers flood adjoining areas, sometimes inundating whole villages and forcing people to … Continue reading A torrential time