JusJoJan 6 / 20 “possibility “

Another Day — Another Dilemma Today I was confronted by another ethical and moral dilemma. It was pouring since 6 am today but I needed to run some errands. Among them was shopping for fruit and vegerables which I like to do at small privately owned stalls. There was a lot of muddy water swilling about on the roadside. I stepped gingerly, careful not to … Continue reading JusJoJan 6 / 20 “possibility “

goodintentios road marks

JusJoJan Day 5– “intention”

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.   This proverb has been attributed to various people over the years, as you can see in the image below: The interpretation of this quote is as varied as the claims to its origin. One version is that good intentions can have bad consequences, but I am not too fond of it. I prefer the one … Continue reading JusJoJan Day 5– “intention”