5 Things Tuesday — Favourite Upbeat Songs

There are some songs with beats so catchy and upbeat that you can count on them to banish the blues , defy the doldrums : generally put you in a good mood. I can count many such and have laid out just 5 here : Uptown girl by Billy Joel Walk like an Egyptian by Bangles Girls just wanna have fun by Cyndi Lauper Here … Continue reading 5 Things Tuesday — Favourite Upbeat Songs

toy train blocks

Isn’t life exciting?

Baby sits in her playpen Watching her choo choo train. She gets bored after a while And picks up a rattle. She inspects it closely Then shakes it hard, Finally she chews on it Before putting it down. This is how she checks out Everything around her; Observing, interpreting, Cataloguing and archiving. This is how she learns. But she is tired now. It’s time for her … Continue reading Isn’t life exciting?

keyboard multicoloured background

The music within you…

The music within you is never the same. When you are melancholy, it is pensive. It is upbeat when you are cheerful, Filling the space around you with positive energy. But music can work the other way too, A favourite catchy tune can pull you out of the doldrums And put you back on track when you are down.   Written for : Thursday Inspiration … Continue reading The music within you…