honey bee looking tired

“To bee or not to bee…..”

I can still remember those long lazy summer days of my childhood. The afternoons were hot and sultry, but oh so long. They were so long that we would run out of books to read or games to play. We were accustomed to thinking up new amusements of our own but sometimes our ingenuity ran dry leaving us bored from lack of things to do. … Continue reading “To bee or not to bee…..”

child learning to tie shoelaces

SoCS August 24/19 Over, under and through

Over, under and through: It seems like yesterday I was teaching her To tie her shoelaces, Over, under and through. We watched Sesame Street’s “Tying your shoelace” song; I punched holes in cardboard And threaded them with a shoelace For her to practise on. It took a little while, But she was determined. Practising and practisong Till she got it right. Now she is a … Continue reading SoCS August 24/19 Over, under and through