5 Things Tuesday: Favourite Rainy Day Activities

It has been pouring cats and dogs in Lahore last week. We are experiencing late monsoon rains. They usually occur in July and August. Torrential rain means we don’t go out unless absolutely necessary, since there is a lot of water on the roads. This week I thought it would be fun to list my favourite rainy day activities. 5 Favourite Rainy Day Activities Frying … Continue reading 5 Things Tuesday: Favourite Rainy Day Activities

A torrential time

The monsoons are torrential rains that occur every July and August in my part of the world. I guess you could call this a “torrential” time of the year for us. It can rain very heavily and sometimes without interruption for days on end. As you can imagine, this has some undesired consequences. Rivers flood adjoining areas, sometimes inundating whole villages and forcing people to … Continue reading A torrential time

raindrops on window a rainy afternoon

A Rainy Afternoon

A gentle breeze, Gathers the clouds: Fluffy and white, Against the blue sky. Gusts of wind’ Gather more clouds. Turning the sky leaden, As a drizzle begins. I sit in my window’ Watching it rain. With a cup of tea And my favourite book. What began as a drizzle, Becomes a heavy downpour. Soon it stops raining, The sun comes out. Painting a rainbow, Across … Continue reading A Rainy Afternoon