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Blogging Insights – New Format # 23

TODAY’S QUOTE: “The expert in everything was once a beginner.” “Beginner” and “Expert” are two ends of a spectrum and there is a long journey between them. What the world sees is usually the expert: musicians, authors, scientists, athletes, artists and so many others. They become known only when they have reached the pinnacle in their field. Although veteran blogger Fandango will probably call today’s … Continue reading Blogging Insights – New Format # 23

5 Things Tuesday — 5 Life lessons you have learned during the lockdown.

5 Life lessons I have learned during the lockdown : Life would be impossible without the internet. I guess the web has been a lifeline during the pandemic. Having a tidy living space is really important. Sometimes it is good to just sit and do nothing. Re-visiting old favourites is fun. Re-reading books you have enjoyed before or watching favourite movies was a good pastime … Continue reading 5 Things Tuesday — 5 Life lessons you have learned during the lockdown.

Share Your World 14.09.2020

Share Your World Meets Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince (Book/Film Six – there is one more to go!) Roger’s Magical, Mystical Questions:  You have just been gifted a magic wand that specializes in completing household chores. You can request the completion of only two household chores. Which chores would you assign your wand to complete? Tidying up and Cooking. With these two … Continue reading Share Your World 14.09.2020

21. “I was his but he wasn’t mine”

Since the beginning of time unrequited love has been a theme in many stories. It is a common motif in books and movies. Although I myself am partial to a happy ending, the one sided love type of story is very popular. In most cases it is the woman whose love is unreciprocated. What do you think? Written for August Writing Prompts 2020 Image courtesy … Continue reading 21. “I was his but he wasn’t mine”

12. An inch worm made me do it.

The little fairy sat under a mushroom weeping her eyes out. A mischievous elf had crept up beside her and snipped away her wings. They would grow back eventually but the poor fairy would be miserable meanwhile. Now the elf sat beside her on the grass, repentant on seeing the poor creatures anguish. He kept saying again and again, “The inch worm made me do … Continue reading 12. An inch worm made me do it.