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One Liner Wednesday 7th August 2019

My one liner today comes from my mother. I was setting out for a holiday and as she said goodbye she told me to: “Enjoy each moment like you will never experience it again in your life.” Upon reflection, I think this philosophy can be applied to our everyday lives too. Badge by Laura @ Written for One Liner Wednesday,a prompt created by Linda … Continue reading One Liner Wednesday 7th August 2019

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Share Your World 29.5.2019

it wrong to sell store-bought pastries at a bake sale? —‘ Absolutely not! In my book, a bake sale means a sale of baked goodies for fundraising. Nowhere does it stipulate that the confections must be homemade. If you are buying pastries and donating them to the sale the purpose of the event will still be achieved. So if a stint in the kitchen cannot … Continue reading Share Your World 29.5.2019

Ignore Them

If people are critical and judgmental Ignore them. If they are partisan and prejudiced, Ignore them. If they dissuade, discourage and dishearten, Ignore them. Just stay focused on your goal. Enclose yourself in a bubble of positive energy And keep on going. You will definitely get there whatever the odds ! Written for: Your Daily Word Prompt — 27th July 2019 — Ignore Continue reading Ignore Them

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Fun Things To Do With Ice cream: Sundaes, Floats And More

Ice cream, like fruit, is delicious enough to be enjoyed on its own as a dessert or snack. Yet ice cream, like fruit, can lend itself to many different combinations, recipes and serving suggestions. Baked Alaska is probably the most spectacular ice cream based dessert ever. It is a culinary  feat as well as a lesson in Physics. It consists of ice cream covered with … Continue reading Fun Things To Do With Ice cream: Sundaes, Floats And More

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Five Important Reasons Why You Must Eat Watermelon This Summer

Watermelon is the most versatile of fruit and each part of it can be used. You can eat it on its own, or combine it with other fruit and vegetables to create a multitude of appetizing and healthful salads. You can drink it in smoothies, slush, or fruit water. It is used in facial scrubs and body washes. Even the seeds and rind are edible. Continue reading Five Important Reasons Why You Must Eat Watermelon This Summer

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Movie Review: The Age of Innocence

The Age of Innocence is a movie adaptation of Edith Wharton’s novel . It is a poignant tale of unrequited love set in late 19th century America. The movie showcases New York society in the late 19th century. It shows the strict conventions of this uppercrust  society. Altthough none of them are nobility, these prople live and behave like royalty. A few of them, like … Continue reading Movie Review: The Age of Innocence