The Secret of Success #SoCS Oct. 12/19

He worked very hard, All day, every day. Nose to grindstone. Shoulder to wheel. More ground to cover. Yet more deadlines to meet. Hailing from a humble background, But wanting to shine in his field. Without financial or familial support, Persistence was his only friend, His goal,  his only guide. People called him over-ambitious But  he never forgot his late father’s advice: ” Never stop … Continue reading The Secret of Success #SoCS Oct. 12/19

SoCS Oct 5: Fantastic News

Here’s your prompt for this week: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-tast-.” Find a word that contains “tast” and use it in your post. Enjoy! “Fantastic news ! A drug that cures every cancer. A vaccine against every infection. World peace forever. No more overpopulation or poverty. Natural disasters averted forever. The environment protected for evermore. Don’t you wish these were … Continue reading SoCS Oct 5: Fantastic News


To the Internet with Love –SoCS 9.28.19

I have often wondered What life was like before the Internet ? How did we live without our daily contact With friends halfway across the world Chatting with them about politics or current affairs Or what to make for dinner tonight. How did we vent our peeves and opinions When there was no social media. How much time and effort did we take to visit … Continue reading To the Internet with Love –SoCS 9.28.19


Feeling blue about plastic #SoCS Sept. 14/19

Today’s SoCS prompt involves writing about the first blue object you see. I have just come home after shopping. Among other things, I bought a plastic storage container with a blue lid. What a coincidence ! I need to wrap and store some delicate objects so I also bought five metres of bubble wrap. Now I am feeling guilty. My guilt arises from the fact … Continue reading Feeling blue about plastic #SoCS Sept. 14/19

child learning to tie shoelaces

SoCS August 24/19 Over, under and through

Over, under and through: It seems like yesterday I was teaching her To tie her shoelaces, Over, under and through. We watched Sesame Street’s “Tying your shoelace” song; I punched holes in cardboard And threaded them with a shoelace For her to practise on. It took a little while, But she was determined. Practising and practisong Till she got it right. Now she is a … Continue reading SoCS August 24/19 Over, under and through

A fork in a footpath in the middle of a fores

How and Where — SoCS Aug 10/19

Where is the balance? How does one achieve it? Career vetsus family, Family versus friends. Get up and go, Or going with the flow. Chasing your dreams, Or being realistic. Knowing when to quit Or not taking ‘no’ for an answer. This is one of the most difficult things in life. Finding the balance: how and where?   Written for : Stream of Consciousness Saturday … Continue reading How and Where — SoCS Aug 10/19


#SoCS July 20/19 — Frame

I was really irritated by my glasses. Attracted by a new frame I had impulsively ordered two new pairs in different colours. Then I made the further mistake of picking them up from the optician without checking if they fit properly. Casting my irritation aside I picked up the Sunday paper. On weekdays I give newspapers a wide berth but on Sundays I skim though … Continue reading #SoCS July 20/19 — Frame

toy train blocks

Isn’t life exciting?

Baby sits in her playpen Watching her choo choo train. She gets bored after a while And picks up a rattle. She inspects it closely Then shakes it hard, Finally she chews on it Before putting it down. This is how she checks out Everything around her; Observing, interpreting, Cataloguing and archiving. This is how she learns. But she is tired now. It’s time for her … Continue reading Isn’t life exciting?

abandoned liittle house

SoCS — The Little House

The little house lies forlorn and forgotten. Surrounded by undergrowth  on all four sides. Trees extend branches like sinewy forearms, forming a  canopy above the roof. It was a weekend retreat, for an elderly couple  who are no more. Now it lies there neglected and abandoned. Unwanted by their kids. Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash Written for SoCS Prompt for #SoCS June 29/19 Your Friday prompt for Stream … Continue reading SoCS — The Little House