toy train blocks

Isn’t life exciting?

Baby sits in her playpen Watching her choo choo train. She gets bored after a while And picks up a rattle. She inspects it closely Then shakes it hard, Finally she chews on it Before putting it down. This is how she checks out Everything around her; Observing, interpreting, Cataloguing and archiving. This is how she learns. But she is tired now. It’s time for her … Continue reading Isn’t life exciting?

abandoned liittle house

SoCS — The Little House

The little house lies forlorn and forgotten. Surrounded by undergrowth  on all four sides. Trees extend branches like sinewy forearms, forming a  canopy above the roof. It was a weekend retreat, for an elderly couple  who are no more. Now it lies there neglected and abandoned. Unwanted by their kids. Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash Written for SoCS Prompt for #SoCS June 29/19 Your Friday prompt for Stream … Continue reading SoCS — The Little House


Silence Can Speak Volumes

Silence speaks volumes SILENCE : Between two people who love each other speaks of companionship, affection, and trust. Between hostile people speaks of anger, resentment and hatred. When accompanied by a smile,speaks of friendship, sympathy and all that is good. While comforting the bereaved, speaks of commiseration. While contemplating marvels of nature, it speaks of wonder, gratitude, and appreciation. Intriguing isn’t it ? How much … Continue reading Silence Can Speak Volumes

Mac and Cheese saves the BBQ

It was virtually the first sunny weekend this summer. Last Saturday had been overcast, and the one before it,though sunny, had been fairly cold. Tom and his wife Sally had taken their chances and invited their newly wed neighbours to a barbecue lunch. Sally had really taken pains over this  lunch so she was glad to be rewarded by fine weather. She had bought the … Continue reading Mac and Cheese saves the BBQ

Don’t you wish you were three ?

  Little hands with pudgy fingers Having fun with playdoh. Squashing, squeezing, Patting, rolling. Modelling things in playgroup, Or making unusual new stuff. A bright pink snake. A blue elephant without legs. Strawberries good enough to eat, Make believe food with a made up name. Going home with Mom. Tired from all the fun. Now helping Mom in the kitchen. Rolling out real cookie dough. … Continue reading Don’t you wish you were three ?

Two “Fishy” Tales Socs March 16-19

  From the river…………… Not a soul stirred on the river bank. This was quite natural, given the cold and gloomy morning. Harry was the sole fisherman that day. Dressed in his heaviest anorak and fleece lined pants, he sat patiently with his rod in the water. Fishing was his hobby. It was how he relaxed every Saturday morning.He was not disappointed. It had been … Continue reading Two “Fishy” Tales Socs March 16-19