Sunday Poser # 56 – Lonely?

This week my question is; Do you ever feel lonely? And if you do, how do you overcome the feeling? With three young adult kids living at home and my mum at five minutes’ drive, I have not expected loneliness yet. When my kids move out and /or my mother passes away I might get lonely especially since I am no longer working. I have seen … Continue reading Sunday Poser # 56 – Lonely?

Anger Management– Sunday Poser # 54

Welcome to Sunday Poser, a weekly prompt by iSadje of KeepItAlive We all get angry at one time or another. What do you do when you get angry? What do you do to calm down? I have always had a problem with anger. To my embarrassment , my mother can narrate many tantrums and meltdowns from my childhood. Myself, I can remember getting very hot and … Continue reading Anger Management– Sunday Poser # 54

Are you a risk taker?

Sunday Poser # 41 SadjeMy question, Sunday Poser  August 15, 2021 Wow, the month of August is more than half way through. Welcome back to another Sunday Poser Sadje’s question this week is; Are you a risk taker? I am afraid I am quite a boring person and like to play safe. Taking time over major decisions, weighing pros and cons is my forte. Maybe one reason … Continue reading Are you a risk taker?

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Sunday Poser #40 – Managing Stress

Welcome to another Sunday Poser This week my question is; How do you manage stress? Stress is a terrible thing that overpowers thought, senses and emotions. It brings in its wake anxiety, panic and loss of control: all emotions that can sabotage happiness.Here are five simple tips that, if practiced regularly, can become reflexes that can enable you to avoid stress: Pack loose Has this … Continue reading Sunday Poser #40 – Managing Stress

Sunday Poser # 31 — Monthly Reading

Week 31 of Sunday Poser, a very interesting series by Sadje of Keep it Alive: The question this week is; Do you love reading? How many books do you read per week, or per month? Ever since I learned to read I have been in love with books and reading. Luckily, this was something that my parents (book lovers themselves) encouraged. As a child I … Continue reading Sunday Poser # 31 — Monthly Reading