Blogging Insights#22-Writer’s Self Doubt

You have heard a lot about Writer’s Block , read and perhaps written about it too. I did an installment of Blogging Insights about it which you can read here. Self Doubt is an affliction that affects writers nearly as often as writer’s bock. You might have seen those stereotypical pictures: an author sits at his desk, writing feverishly. All around him on the floor, … Continue reading Blogging Insights#22-Writer’s Self Doubt


Blogging should always be fun

It’s not home work, guys! Wait for the muse. Let the creative inspiration strike. There will be days when you won’t have the time or the inclination to post Or days when that bogeyman , Writer’s Block, is visiting. But what about your readers who have become used to reading your work? Post a quote or a picture. Let them know you are thinking about … Continue reading Blogging should always be fun