Blogging Insights #13 How long is the ideal blog post ?

Short form VS Long form Content Before I launched my blog a couple of years ago, I read quite a few posts and articles about blogging. All of them said that the search engines preferred content to be around 2000 words. Tbis, I learned, was called long form content. I paid for a plug-in called Yoast which all the articles said I must have (more … Continue reading Blogging Insights #13 How long is the ideal blog post ?

Blogging Insights — Recap

The Blogging Insights series has been runnimg for nearly three months now. I have thoroughly enjoyed posting questions about blogging and reading their answers. The response from all of you has been very encouraging, with some bloggers participating nearly every time. I consider these questions amd their answers to be a series of conversations between bloggers. From the responses I have learned a lot about … Continue reading Blogging Insights — Recap