5 Things Tuesday — 5 Favourite Teas

After last week’s post on coffee, it follows that this time our 5ThingsTuesday post should be on tea. Besides, some readers are averse to coffee and tea is their preferred poison. Although I enjoy my coffee, I am hopelessly addicted to tea. While I am not particular about food, my tea must be exactly how I like it. I can’t function otherwise. My favourites: Lipton … Continue reading 5 Things Tuesday — 5 Favourite Teas

5 Ways You Enjoy French Bread

Croissants, quiche, onion soup, Bechamel ; there are so many French foods popular worldwide. The baguette is a long and thin loaf that is epitomised as French bread. French bread can be enjoyed many different ways. Today I ask you how you like it. Here’s how I like my French bread : Garlic Bread Cheesy Bread Bruschetta With olive oil and balsamic vinegar With hummus … Continue reading 5 Ways You Enjoy French Bread

5 Sweet Treats From Childhoods

“Trick or Treat’ has been the refrain this weekend wherever Halloween was being celebrated. Although it is not part of my local traditions, it evokes memories of the candies I loved when I was little. Today I ask you to name 5 Favourite Sweets Here is my list: 1. Smarties 2. Chupa Chups Lollipops 3. Mars bars 4. Home made Fudge 5. Home made peanut … Continue reading 5 Sweet Treats From Childhoods

5 Fave Summer Fruits 2022

I believe we have done summer fruits on 5things earlier but its fun to talk about them every year. Here in Lahore, Pakistan, we have a long drawn summer that stretches over six months. We have different fruits in the early, middle and late parts of summer. This year I am trying to list my favourites accordingly. Strawberries We get these in late spring or … Continue reading 5 Fave Summer Fruits 2022

five strawberries

5 “Cheat Day” Foods

5 Things Tuesday In current times, the concept of a Chrat Day has become quite popular among dieters. They “eat clean” six days a week and then eat their favourite high calorie “forbidden ” food on the seventh. I personally do not like this idea very much. It is far more enjoyable to have a little of what you fancy when you want rather than … Continue reading 5 “Cheat Day” Foods

five strawberries

5 Fave Healthy Foods

5 things Tuesday The Internet is full of advice about what food is healthy and what food will rot our teeth and our brains. In an attempt to live longer healthier lives and to avoid falling prey to pandemics you might be trying to eat healthier. Health foods or healthy foods do not always have to be the less tasty option. Thankfully there ae several … Continue reading 5 Fave Healthy Foods