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5 Ways To Enjoy Strawberries

Nothing says Spring better than strawberries. Luscious in colour and flavour, there are so many ways that you can enjoy this fruit. Today I ask you to list five. I have tried to combine several options under one heading but still have quite a few favourites left over.



strawberry granita

This distinctive dessert takes sorbet to the next level. I make it by hand and it takes a lot of time and effort but the result is well worth it. 

Fruit Yoghurt and Granola

strawberry yoghurt layers granola

For those who cannot ,manage the tartness, strawberry yoghurt is a lovely way to enjoy strawberries . My current fave is granola layered with Greek yoghurt and macerated, sweetened strawberries. I serve it in little glass tumblers so it looks pretty too.

Smoothies and Chillers

strawberry smoothie

A lazy spring evening in the garden spent alone with a book or nattering with friends, both are settings for strawberry based drinks. Give the semi frozen fruit a whizz in the blender, add soda or milk or yoghurt and enjoy.

 Ice cream

strawberry-ice-cream cups fresh strawberries

Vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries or strawberry ice cream with bits of real fruit — there are many more heavenly combos.

 Tarts , Flans and Cakes

strawberry gateau

All through spring and early summer, tea time confections made with strawberries are sooo tempting.

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21 thoughts on “5 Ways To Enjoy Strawberries

    1. Thank you Melanie 🍓
      The only granita I have ever had is when my daughter and I made it at home a few times. We got the recipe off the internet. It was time and labour intensive but we loved the result.
      It’s a good thing to try while stuck at home in the 3rd wave of Covid.


  1. Aww Strawberries and cherries… love the song live strawberries. Another favorite at our home is divine chocolate covered strawberries…
    T u write so sweetly ❣️

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