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5 Things Tuesday —- Food Fads You Like

Food fads come and go just like trends in clothes, shoes and make up. Some stand the test of time while others are just a passing fancy. Here are five of the ones I love:

Overnight Oats

oats mason jar

This is a convenient and healthy trend, perfect for those who have no time to prepare breakfast. Just layer quick cooking oatmeal with milk and your choice of fruit or nuts in a Mason jar or other container with a lid and refrigerate overnight. Voila ! A delicious breakfast as healthy as it is yummy. These are such a favourite with me that I did a whole post on them some time ago.

Molten lava Cake

This began as a trend in fancy restaurants where you had to order it with the rest of the meal since it was baked fresh and took around 30 minutes.

This consists of freshly baked chocolate sponge cake with molten chocolate inside. Sometimes served with ice cream, what could be more decadent?

Soon this dessert went the way of mass production. Now it is pre-baked and microwaved to give the warm sponge with molten chocolate centre. You no longer have to wait for it but it is not the same as the freshly made kind.

Bite size

This is the perfect solution for foodies like me who need to watch their wait. Most baked treats and desserts are also available in bite sized servings. My particular favourites are mini trifles and layered granola in tiny dishes.



I have always loved coconut in all its forms. Eaten fresh , there is nothing like it in taste , texture and aroma. When dry, it is tasty in flakes , tiny pieces or desiccated. What is even more fun is that it is currently enjoying a resurgence in the low carb, high protein and keto diets.

Fusion Food


A combination of different cuisines in the same dish can produce quite flavorful results. This concept is nothing new ,It has given us tasty treats like the spicy tikka pizza and the Nutella naan.

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