One Liner Wednesday 25. 9. 19

” There is no such thing as bad weather; there are only bad clothes. “

I heard this from a local while on holiday in Oslo. To some extent I agree, since kitted out with appropriate clothing and a sturdy umbrella, I enjoy a walk in the rain. But when there are inches of snow on the ground and sleet above, I beg to differ.

What do you think?

Please do let me know in the comments section below.


Written for:

One Liner Wednesday

8 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday 25. 9. 19

  1. Well… there is definitely weather that is bad for people to be out in! No clothing can protect adequately against a blizzard or tornado or hurricane. Personally, I see no reason to deliberately subject myself to danger or discomfort unless I have to get to work. I’m not a thrill-seeker.

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