Blogging Insights # 48 — Early Mistakes

Despiote all the blogging advice and courses out there, many bloggers (myself foremost) feel that they made some mistakes when they started out. Today’s discussion involves a recap of the thiongs that we did wrong and what we should have done instead. I am sure this will help lots of fledgling bloggers out there.


What mistakes did you make in the first few months of blogging?


I made a truck load of mistakes to begin with and will share only a few here owing to constraints of time, space and my readers’ patience.

A big mistake was wasting loads of time researching themes. I had no idea that not all themes were compatible with every WordPress plan. The one I chose finally was the one recommended by a Happiness Engineer who asked me my requirements and made the suggestion.

Another mistake was watching random YouTube videos on blogging without checking the presenters’ credentials. A lot of the “advice” was absolute rubbish as I learned later.

What I did not realise at first was that blogging is a “learn as you go” experience. Like driving, the more you practice the more you learn.

There are many other things that I should have done better or not done at all.

How about you? Did you make any mistakes in your early days of blogging?

I would love to hear about them.

You can leave a reply in my comments section or even better write a post of your own.

Just remember to tag it    #blogginginsights

22 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 48 — Early Mistakes

  1. #blogging insights

    The big mistake I made was not going self-hosting straight away. The second mistake was thinking I had to write academically, like I’d been doing before I became disabled. I wrote about politics and philosophy, but it was at the time of Brexit so there seemed to be a lot to say. I got a few readers! When I started to open up and write about my MS and disability that was a bit more successful. I’ve only been blogging a year. It’s a steep learning curve and I’m still on it!

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