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5 Things You Miss About Driving to Work

The 5 Things tag keeps surfacing on WordPress. I am not sure who first thought of it but I have always found it fun to do. I thought “Why not make it a weekly feature?”

These days most people are working from home and therefore missing their daily commute to work. I never thought this was something I would miss but you don’t usually miss things until they’re gone. This week I have asked you to list 5 Things that you miss about your daily drive / commute to work.

Here are my five:

Listening to my favourite music — my choice– my volume. When I am driving on my own, nobody can judge me for listening to Michael Jackson’s …. fifty times over. Furthermore, I listen to the radio only when I drive and I find it to be a good way to keep abreast of new tracks.

Familiar landmarks.

There is something comforting about passing by the same buildings /  billboards / people every day at the same time. Some years ago my drive to work used to take me over a bumpy road. I knew the ditches so well that I was perfectly fine on foggy mornings with little visibility.

Carmaraderie — fellow feeling.

While driving to work, I pass people also on their way to their daily grind. Be they professionals, sales staff traffic cops or cleaners, I feel a kind of carmaraderie with them w

Keeping Abreast With the News.

While I am driving to work I often pass roadside newspaper sellers and can see the days’ headlines on the papers they are holding. Sometimes I listen to the news on the radio. This is the only time that I spend on the news.

My thoughts and Ideas. 

Somehow I get lots of ideas about articles and other things while I am driving in the morning. I often wish I could write them down for they are usually gone when i try to remember them later. 

I look forward to reading your list. Please remember to tag it #5things

29 thoughts on “5 Things You Miss About Driving to Work

  1. For the last 10 or so years of my career before I retired, I telecommuted (i.e., worked out of my home office), so I had the good fortune of not having to drive to and from work each day.

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