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“U” is for Unsolved Mysteries — A to Z Blogging Challenge 2022

My theme for the A to Z Blogging Challenge this year is

Elements of Crime Fiction.

My topic for today is


Certain intriguing events occur for which there is no logical explanation exists. They remain unsolved despite the best efforts of authorities and individuals.

The disappearance of author Agatha Christie for some days without explanation is one such occurrence. To this day fans and biographers are divided in their opinion about what happened to the queen of crime. Did she suffer from amnesia while hiding out from her philandering husband? Or did she stage her disappearance as a publicity stunt?

There are several crimes that remain unsolved. A series of murders in 19th century London caused a sensation in their brutality. The undiscovered perpetrator was nicknamed Jack the Ripper by the press. Several theories have been propounded over the years and alternative solutions to the mystery suggested.

14 thoughts on ““U” is for Unsolved Mysteries — A to Z Blogging Challenge 2022

  1. Have to enjoy a story that doesnt end in “they lived happily ever after.” and that is Jack the Ripper….. Ive read many interesting books on that topic. The most compelling is “They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper” by Bruce Robinson. I also did nto know about Agatha’s Christies disappearance.

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      1. I’ve seen the movie. If interested Read Diary of Jack the Ripper then They All Love Jack. The diary is widely considered a hoax but the other book postulates the brother of James Maybrick is Jack and went to great lengths to set up James. There is also a book about the lives of the victims. Doesn’t go into their murder but makes them human.

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