Blogging Insights NF # 63 — Reaching out


” What I’m really concerned about is reaching one person.”

— Jorge Luis Borges


Looking at this quote, I asked myself this question, “Who exactly am I writing for?”

I think the answer should be, ” Whoever cares to read.” So like the author of Today’s Quote, I am happy for my writing to reach just one person. The ‘reaching out’ here, I’m assuming, means moving or touching or resonating with.

But I have another thought,”What if no one reads what I write?” In that case my writing has still reached one person, me.

What are your thoughts on this? Do let me know.

14 thoughts on “Blogging Insights NF # 63 — Reaching out

  1. I would be disappointed and heartbroken if no one read what I wrote, but I do agree “whoever cares to read it.” I write based on whatever crosses my mind. I do keep statistics about views vs visitors. I won’t write to get the viewership, but I may scratch an idea if a similar topic was bust.

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