FOWC Word Prompt “video”

I am going to take advantage of today,s word prompt “video” to air a pet peeve. At weddings,school functions and other events, it was customary always to have video coverage.

Cameramen could be seen bearing equipment on their shoulders. Trailing long wires these guys could always be trusted to block everyone’s view of the proceedings.

As video cameras became cheaper, the number of people causing an obstruction of view at events increased.

Then cellular phones with cameras appeared and the rest is history.

All cell phones have a video camera. Hence me and you and the next person are all videographers

I have no problem with people recording video movies. On occasion I make videos myself.

What I would like is for people who are taking videos to be considerate of those around them. This request applies to professionals as well as amateurs.

written for FOWC Fandango word prompt.

5 thoughts on “FOWC Word Prompt “video”

  1. I am with you in that peeve. People would make videos and take pictures, regardless of bystanders who may not want to be in those pictures or movies. Good post and good point!



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