I stand at the intersection Wondering which path to follow Career, Family, Academic distinction, Social work. Slowly it dawns upon me. I am the intersection! All the paths converge towards me, I can do all this and more.     Dedicated to all women for playing multiple roles. Written for FOWC with Fandango — intersection   You may also enjoy: You are special. Are we … Continue reading Intersection

Robert's Inheritance antique books

The last will and testament.

It was a cold and foggy December morning but the library was warm and cosy.A cheery log fire burned merrily away. Several people were seated on the dining room chairs which had been arranged in a circle.Others were ensconced in the deep leatherarmchairs native to the library. A steady hum of conversation could be heard. Mr. Venable the solicitor cleared his throat. A deathly hush … Continue reading The last will and testament.