The Key to Environmental Sustainability–SoCs


The world is in a furor about the environment and finding ways to ensure that it can sustain life as we know it . Although people have been advocating the conservation of resources and the adoption of sustainable living practices for several decades, it is fairly recently that the world has begun to take notice.

There are people who still deny the existence of global warming but thankfuly most of the world is becoming cognizant of it. A big reason is the spread of environmental activism brought about by a wider use of the internet and social media across the globe.

Freak weather over the past few years as well as steadily rising temperatures are showing how real the threat is. Governments are approving legislature to foster sustainable practices. A small but very effective example is the ban on single use plastic in many countries. The “Reduce,Reuse,Recycle” doctrine  being taught in schools for many years is finally being implemented. Although most of mankind has decided that the earth needs saving for our species to exist, the long term enforcement of an environment-friendly lifestyle is still upto individuals.

The key to environmental sustainabllity lies with the individual.

If individuals in their daily lives use less water and reduce their carbon footprint  it will make a huge difference collectively. When individuals adopt sustainable practices, businesses, departments and corporations are affected too. For instance, if market surveys show that consumers are only buying organic and responsibly sourced products, businesses will be forced to produce and stock only those.

Greta Thunberg and other activists have provided awareness.

The implementation is upto us. 



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11 thoughts on “The Key to Environmental Sustainability–SoCs

  1. I (almost) completely agree! Change definitely needs to come from the bottom up. We all have a responsibility. That said, society does need a level of support and cooperation from government, organizations and corporations. Governments and policymakers need to pick up the slack and introduce effective policies, real policies that will make a difference and make it easier for individuals, and individuals as consumers to live more sustainably. Organisations at local levels can help support and organize society to do that. Then there is business, which is tricky. The market is supply and demand, so the more consumers change habits, the more businesses are forced to change their product offerings. But, and here’s the caveat, if consumers are faced with a lack if choice, it also makes it harder to make lifestyle changes. Let’s take as a simple example bulk foods, before there were any options in my area to buy bulk foods free of plastic packaging, if I needed staples for my family, I had to buy what’s on offer. That’s a very simplistic example but you get the gist. That said, yes otherwise I agree.

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