Blogging Insights # 37 : Hosting a Writing Prompt

We discussed writing prompts earlier in the Blogging Insights series too, you can click here to read that post. In response to that post, lots of bloggers shared how and why they respond to writing prompts. Today we look at the question from the other side of the table.  Many bloggers organise prompts on their blogs and today we invite them to share their experience.


What is the value of running writing prompts to your writing in general, and your blog in particular?



First, I would like to say that I am still not sure of the correct terminology. Do you host a writing prompt like you host a party? Is the correct word “organise” like you organise an event?  Do you run a prompt, like you run an office or business? Originally I was going to stick with “Running a Writing Prompt” but upon reflection “hosting” sounds better. I am still undecided here folks and would like your opinion.

Sorry for digressing, let’s get down to today’s question. I love writing prompts so much that I decided to host a Q & A prompt about blogging  last year. As I am sure I have told you before, my “evil purpose” was to get other bloggers to divulge their blogging secrets. This way I could hold a prompt as well as get blogging tips : a win win situation.

The Blogging Insights series has been running every Monday for nearly a year now. This is only the 37th episode because after every ten sessions or so I post a re-cap. Anyone who has missed the previous questions can join in. I put the series on a hiatus during the winter vacations and also missed a week or two otherwise : life happens.

I have learned a lot from running this series because this, like all of blogging is a hands on, learn as you go along experience. I have re-blogged responses to the questions on my site. This has got me on the right side of several bloggers. It has also contributed to my blog traffic. Told you I was evil, didn’t I ?

A few weeks ago, I added another feather to my prompt cap. I took up the 5 Things challenge and begun posting a theme every Tuesday. Listicles are my favourite kind of post to read as well as write so I am having great fun with it. I have not re-blogged responses from this prompt on my site yet. Maybe I start doing a weekly round up of the previous week’s 5 Things responses. What do you suggest ?

Okay! That was my bit.

Now I am really looking forward to reading YOUR answers.

Please remember to tag your post

# blogginginsights,

and leave a link in my comments section too.






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