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Blogging Insights — WordPress Pandemic Performance

We keep griping about WordPress whenever we get the chance. Today let’s try and evaluate how it has behaved in this past Year of the Pandemic.


How satisfied (or not) are you with WordPress during the pandemic?


I can say without exaggeration that WordPress has been a lifesaver during the Pandemic. In a year of lockdown and isolation it has served to connect me to friends all over the world. As a channel of communication , self expression and information, WordPress has been the most important part of my internet experience this year.

Technical glitches that happen on WordPress every so often did continue but I was so grateful for this means of connectivity that I took little notice of them. The program has been “hanging” or slowing down randomly . The block editor does not make for as efficient blogging as the old editor. I haven’t had much interaction with the Hsppiness Engineers but I wish they could make our blogging experience better.

What do you think? What is your experience? I would love to know.

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17 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — WordPress Pandemic Performance

  1. Interesting question. I’ll have to mull it over. My answer is slightly different based on how you interpret the question. My view of my blog overall is definitely a positive one, but WordPress, specifically? Well, that’s another matter, entirely.

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  2. I’m glad I’ve had my blog, even if WP has been playing up one way or another. I’ve plodded on with the changes though, and still enjoy it. For some, social media or blogging is their lifeline and only contact with other people.


  3. WordPress has been WordPress with the pandemic, before the pandemic and ongoing the pandemic. Glitchy, annoyingly glitchy, frustratingly glitchy …. BUT we had a huge change last year with the official arrival of the Block Editor – l have been at best really ‘annoyed” at times with WP that’s my polite comment with it all.

    But your question is 2 fold isn’t it? 1] Technical and 2] Social – overall l have been happy for it socially, but it’s not just WP that changed at times horribly, but l have seen changes in the bloggers here even if at times they do not see their own changes that clearly.

    We still have the pandemic, we still have WP and we still have bloggers.



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