5 Things Tuesday — 5 Life lessons you have learned during the lockdown.

5 Life lessons I have learned during the lockdown :

Life would be impossible without the internet. I guess the web has been a lifeline during the pandemic.

Having a tidy living space is really important.

Sometimes it is good to just sit and do nothing.

Re-visiting old favourites is fun.

Re-reading books you have enjoyed before or watching favourite movies was a good pastime during the pandemic.

You need to actually hang out with friends- online just isn’t the same.

I tried my best to stay in touch with friends over the phone or on WhatsApp. It just wasn’t the same as gathering over a cup of coffee in real life.

Now that things are slowly returning to normal , I intend to fully appreciate all the things that I have missed as well as all the things that helped to make this time easier. How about you?

22 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday — 5 Life lessons you have learned during the lockdown.

  1. Anti-vaxxers and “it’s infringing my rights” lot are the main people falling ill in the UK.
    Our government sucks (which we knew well before COVID)
    The end is nowhere is sight.
    Remember that candle at the end of the tunnel? According to UK shop keepers (who are using COVID as an excuse for everything), there is a world wide shortage of candles for the foreseeable future.

    So, for now, the candle is not only unlit, but there is no delivery date for one.
    Stay safe everyone!

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    1. The lockdown was enforced too late and too stupidly.
      Earlier closing times led to people crowding grocery stores and supermarkets. It would have been wiser to put a limit on the number of people inside at a given time.

      Looking forward to reading your post.

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