5 Winter Wardrobe Winners

“There is no such thing as bad weather;there are only bad clothes.”
The above is a remark by a local that I met on a visit to Oslo, Norway.
For today’s 5things I ask you to list :

5 Winter Wardrobe Favourites.

Here’s my list :

1. Shawls

2. Puffer jackets

3. My long red coat

4. Cotton socks

5. Chunky knits.

What are your winter wardrobe favourites? I would love to know.

8 thoughts on “5 Winter Wardrobe Winners

  1. My red baby cord leggings and I’ve a really soft velour cardi that I love to wrap myself up in when I’m working at home and it’s cold. It’s a bit big now, so won’t wear it outside, but not throwing it out. Also, I’ve got a leopard print furry scarf that I love



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