Twittering Tales #127 12 March 2019

For this week a bit of “noir”. The dictionary states that noir, while being French for the color black, is also the description for crime fiction featuring hard-boiled cynical characters and bleak sleazy settings. I love this photo by Pixel2013 at It has that noir quality to it, don’t you think? This week, let’s have a little mystery and intrigue, or whatever strikes your … Continue reading Twittering Tales #127 12 March 2019

one liner wednesday monkey

One Liner Wednesday 13th March

” Love many, trust few, And always paddle your own canoe.” Anon. I think that this is really good advice. It’s best to be self reliant and independent of others for your success and happiness. Having said that, a certain amount of trust is necessary in human relationships. Constantly looking over your shoulder is bad for you. I guess the best course is to maintain … Continue reading One Liner Wednesday 13th March