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Pillars of the Past

The past is an edifice that rests on certain pillars. Chief of these is Nostalgia. Nostalgia lends to the past more glory than it sometimes deserves.

We remember some events of childhood with fondness that paints memories with colours that are brighter than reality. You yearn for your schooldays while forgetting the bully who used to make recess miserable for you.

Many wives are irritated by husbands who ask them to make this or that dish and then complain that it is not as good as mommy used to make. In some cases this may be justified. Mostly, however, their nostalgia is getting the better of their taste buds.

There is no harm in re-visiting the past with a fondness that it may not merit. If it colours your perception of the present unfavourably then it is not a good idea.

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